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Teach with Us

DavidsonLearns welcomes new volunteer instructors who are interested in joining us as we expand our selection of challenging, diverse, and relevant courses for a growing community of learners. We welcome proposals for both in-person and online courses, as there’s an audience for each type among our members.


If you are new to online teaching, know that we have course facilitators who will handle your and your students’ common technical needs, leaving you free to teach your course. If you have not taught online before, we invite you to discuss with us – prior to submitting a formal proposal – whether your proposed course would work in an online format.


If you are motivated to share your knowledge and facilitate thoughtful discussions on academic topics, we invite you to download the three documents on this page to learn more.

Course Development

Our goal is to enhance the intellectual life of adults by providing a selection of challenging, diverse, and relevant courses. This Course Development section contains information about adult learners and our course timing and proposal process. 

Click to view the Course Development document.

Instructor Handbook

Our volunteer instructors are motivated by their desire to share their knowledge and facilitate thoughtful discussions on academic topics.  This handbook contains guidelines to help you be successful as a DL instructor and to create the best environment for your students. It includes information, expectations, and responsibilities of DL instructors. 

Click to view the Instructor Handbook.

Course Proposal Form

Interested in teaching a course for DavidsonLearns? You can submit your proposal online by downloading and filling out the Course Proposal Form and submitting the completed form as directed below. Please note that we need all of the requested information for curriculum development.


Proposal deadline for the Winter/Spring semester is August 1; the proposal deadline for the Fall semester is March 15.

Step 2: Fill out the form in Word.

Fill out the form with all information and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Upload the saved Course Proposal Form & Submit Document

Upload the saved Course Proposal Form and submit it.

Upload File

Step 1: Download the Course Proposal Form

Click the icon to download the Course Proposal Form to your computer.

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